Hey, friend! I am so happy that you've come across my world. My name's Denise and I hope you take your time as you browse around. I tend to ramble so to prevent you from reading a boatload of text, I contained myself to lists. You're welcome! 

The Basics

Married to: Michael, aka sous chef, best friend, adventure buddy, cuddler, favorite person in the whole world
Owns: Two kitty furballs, Dusty McCormick and Dorito Santos (yup, they have full names)
Lives in: A cute little townhouse in Reston, VA
Job: Full time IT consultant by day, photographer on the weekends and weekday nights
Daily Water Intake: Roughly 96 oz. per day (I am addicted to water and my pink 32oz nalgene)

The Fun Stuff

Food: Black coffee, shrimp etouffee, ribeye steak, everything with garlic. p.s. I. LOVE. COOKING. AND. BAKING.
Dessert: cupcakes (cream cheese frosting plz), macarons, homemade crusty pies
Active: Hot yoga, hiking, camping, running
Arts/Crafts: watercolor painting, calligraphy (pointed and brush pens), knitting, crocheting, trying all the crafts!
What's in my camera bag: check it out!