Danielle and Andrew Herndon VA Maternity session

This was such a laid-back maternity session - I loved how easy Danielle and Andrew made it. They are just the kindest, hospitable souls. Would you believe that I met them 8 years ago when we all were just starting out at the same company together? We've come a long way from then but I am super grateful we have been able to stay in touch so well through these years :)

We had to reschedule the shoot due to weather (seeing a trend with these last two shoots?) but it worked out perfectly for us in the end. We started off slowly, snapping a few shots inside their home and outside by the front door. Danielle and Andrew really wanted the photos to capture their daily lives so after that, we wandered into downtown Herndon! They have made many memories around the town where they live so it was only right for us to explore like they would on any given day. I loved getting acquainted with their world, the one they'll be introducing their little one to very soon! Their favorite restaurant, the W&OD historic rail car, and the bike paths they walk together...all places where they will take baby O one day and where he'll grow up.

Side note: When I think about why I love photography so much, it really boils down to this: each session is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to "stop time" for a few breaths. Life is made of many little moments that add up to a whole journey. To capture just the briefest snippet of someone's life for them is incredible. Like I said to Danielle, knowing that their little one will be able to look back at these images one day makes my heart so full.