Ashley, Mike, Baby E - VA Family Session

If I were to end my year with this little family session, I would be absolutely okay with that. I love, love, LOVE the autumn season and in the spirit of November's beloved holiday, I am ever so grateful for the opportunity my clients give me in shooting for them during the fall season. I do actually have a few more shoots lined up this month, which I'm also thankful for (and giddy and super excited)! :D

We originally scheduled this session for a Saturday but decided to rain check to Sunday afternoon instead and it turned out to be the perfect decision! Who knew we were going to get THAT much rain on Saturday evening?! This session was fun and a lot of laughs all around. We all did everything in our willpower to keep baby E's attention, and I mean everything. And we caught a few in-between moments as well (my favorites!). At some point, Baby E started getting hungry so we inserted an intermission for a bottle break! My sessions are typically 1-hour or less, depending on the situation, but honestly, I gladly take as much or as little time as we need because, let's all be honest, my littlest clients are the ones who dictate when and how long we shoot for ;)

I hope you enjoy all of these. There's a few BTS shots and a blooper I threw in here too, see if you can spot them! If you have any questions for me about my sessions, please don't be shy!