Danielle, Andrew, & Alex - Family Session

Guys, this is a special post. Know why? Because I photographed this little family earlier this year as a maternity session!! I don't have many repeat clients (yet!) but the ones I do have are near and dear to me.

And to the O family - you guys were ROCK STARS last Friday.

With temps in the mid 30s and the wind chill making it feel in the 20s, we were all super nervous about doing a small shoot outdoors with a wee 7 month old. We even planned it so that we would hop out for a short bit to take a few photos and then head back to their house for the rest of the shoot. But what would you know, this kid took it like a champ and we shot EVERYTHING outdoors. I'm still not really sure if the cold phased him at all or if he was simply all about soaking up the experience of being out there in the 30 degree weather for the first time like that. Perhaps it's all those little layers he was forced into before the session (and was not happy about at first). Or Baby A just likes the cold. Guess we'll never know!

In any case, we still lucked out with weather and timing because 1) it was sunny and cloudy in just the right spots and 2) we booked the shoot just in time. The first big freeze happened later that night and pretty much killed most of the fall foliage afterwards so that's a win in my book! My husband and I were also leaving that day for an anniversary weekend getaway in the most charming little bed and breakfast tucked away in Stephens City, VA (more on this in a future post!) and I wouldn't have been able to reschedule for anytime that weekend.

Okay, I'm done rambling. Please ENJOY because I love each and every one of these images! All the heart eyes!