Lau Family Session

When your parents want family photos but you moved away, got married, and had a baby before they could get portraits done, you gift them a surprise Christmas session!

Teresa reached out to me earlier this month explaining the situation, what she and her sister wanted to do for their parents, and said the only day they could do was Christmas Day! Ouch, right? For me, this would generally not be possible because we're either up at my parents' or down in Petersburg VA with Michael's family celebrating Christmas. But luck was on our side this year and we were able to make this shoot happen!

And so, the Lau's invited us (Michael tagged along!) into their family home for the afternoon and we spent that time shooting a mix of formal portraits and candids. Teresa's parents have a beautiful home nestled in North Potomac, MD with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light (aka one of the BEST combinations to have when shooting indoors) and the prettiest (tallest) Christmas tree ever.

I had a great time with them shooting around the house and it was such a blast hanging out with little Emma most of all (I'm partial to little kiddos, I think they're some of the most amazing humans to be around). She wanted a hug from me as we were saying our goodbyes and at one point, said yes to coming home with me! Ahh, my poor heart melted. It was the best way for a session of mine to end, for sure. The joy from this session was so heartfelt, I hope you enjoy :)

Btw, raise your hand if you, as a photog, appreciate clients willing to brave the cold for outdoor portraits!!! *raises hand* And give me a fist pump if you get heart eyes when one of your clients tells you (paraphrased) "that's okay because these are candid moments, they look great" after you show him a few images from the back of your camera. I must have looked like I was about to explain why they don't look "posed". So when Jason said that before I could open my mouth, I couldn't believe it! I was absolutely delighted with his response.

Blooper: I was forewarned that there might be poop around the backyard and I did such a good job skirting around them while scouting around their backyard. Until I forgot. Ha! I stood there looking like a dog kicking up grass for a second, trying to get the muck off. Thankfully, Michael, being the smart man that he is, picked up a twig and scraped it off my boot while Jason grabbed some paper towels for us. Greatest moment of the year as a photographer, guys.