New York, New York

New York, the city that never sleeps! Michael and I headed up to the Big Apple last year at the tail-end of September, start of October for my cousin Ana's wedding. I was SO excited because ALL the cousins were able to make it to this wedding! It was the first time in years since we have gotten together, due in large part to our 6 or so families split between the east and west coast.

To summarize our very quick 3-day weekend:
1. Ate at Brooklyn hispter coffee/breakfast spots
2. Walked a lot in Flushing
3. Attended my cousin's wedding at The Liberty Warehouse


Michael and I visited a few Brooklyn hispter coffee/brunch places while we were there. Both were advertised to us as having nondescript storefronts with no names so we actually skipped over Routine the first time because IT HAD A NAME. Shocking. So we ended up in Father Knows Best (aka Fathers BK) first for some delicious coffee and breakfast. This weekend was sort of the beginning of our migration to black coffee drinkers. Chill vibes in Fathers with a killer patio space (this place also has a bar scene at night) and a great bartender with a killer accent to boot. Routine was just as delicious, was more minimalistic, with rustic industrial vibes and was an actual coffee shop.

Fathers BK



We walked what felt like ALL of Flushing with my family. Of course you had to have dim sum while you were there, so we did at Jade. No photos of food because we were busy stuffing our faces.

We also wandered through New World Market, which is an experience in itself. I wish I had been more hungry at that time so we could try some of the street food in that mall!! And you see that yellow-filled little pie in my hand? That's a "dan tat", or an egg custard tart, one of my most FAVORITE chinese pastries in the world. Yum.


Then, after walking a few more random streets, we decided to hop over to the Queens Botanical Gardens, where we found an open spot for self-timer "portraits", discovered a kitty living in the bushes, and spectated upon a wedding ceremony happening in the garden!


It was such a beautiful venue, with a view of the Statue of Liberty in the distance and the quintessential New York skyline to the right. We were treated to the most stunning sunset over the waters of the Hudson Bay too and DELICIOUS FOOD. If you ever go to a wedding, you know that what matters most (IMO) are: photography, food, and music. Ana and Jimmy thoroughly knocked it out of the ballpark. We ate many amazing dishes and remained on the dance floor until the end. Unfortunately I have no photos of that and I, of course, opted to leave my camera at home (trust your wedding photographer to capture it!). Instead I enjoyed it all without worrying too much about snapping photos. Here are some wonderful phone pics from our evening! Cheers!