Columbia MD - Wilde Lake Family Session

When a mom contacts you about loving my work I did for her friend (holla Crystal!) and wanting to book her FIRST photo shoot ever for herself and “her team”, my heart melted. And then when she told me she was the sole parent of kids ranging from 4-22, I knew it was going to be a special session and that I wanted to make their first experience being photographed a good one to remember!

This momma single-handedly raised 5 children. I know the phrase “it takes a village” but I stand my ground with saying “single-handedly” too because she deserves all the credit for this and raising each one of them so well. Be on the lookout for her blog she’s working on, detailing her journey as a single mom and raising such a wonderful family. It’s not launched yet but when it does, I bet it’ll be chock full of anecdotes and solid advice! I, myself, cannot wait to peruse it!<3

Monique, your children are all so incredible (yes even Gabe and his toddler ways!). I am so glad you reached out to me about a session and that I could capture memories of your beautiful family for you. I hope to see you all again in front of my camera and that you come bearing props and more fun times!