Erik and Kelsey Maymont Park Engagement/Wedding

Erik is my husband, Michael's best friend, and he was the best man at our wedding. I've known him since before Michael and I started dating and Kelsey, not too far after it seems! There has been many adventures together since then, including but not limited to DC United soccer games, hiking/camping, and board game nights.

This whole shoot...ahh this shoot was something after my own heart. So many little details, from the outfit choices to that adorable picnic basket filled with their favorite memories and things that remind them of one another. The Amtrak train where they met, a compass with a ladybug engraved on the lid and the coordinates of where they met engraved on the inside, Erik's grandmother's wedding ring that he proposed to Kelsey with, and even a book Erik wrote for her (Kelsey is a major book fiend and editor!). Everything they brought had some significance to their relationship. Their rings were both personalized by each other and neither were allowed to know what their ring said until they tied the knot! It was heartfelt, lovingly thought out, and I couldn't have asked for anything better than that!

The families were asked to come for "family portraits" so we took group shots of everyone in different combinations. The friends already knew what was up (and a few family members had twinkles in their eyes - they definitely knew something was fishy hehe). Once the time was right, the rings magically appeared and Travis, Erik's brother and official celebrant, married them in front of their loved ones!