Print Your Art

Imagine it's 5-10 years down the road (or more!) and you're sitting at the dinner table with your kids (or your grandkids). Someone drags out a photo album and asks you "Papa, mama, what's this? Why are there people in there?" A smile blossoms onto your face as you open the pages and realize it's been a while since you've gone through your photo albums you've printed through the years. Then all of sudden, hours pass by as you relive the memories of these moments in time playing with this cousin or visiting that grandparent or traveling to this country with good friends, all the while sharing these bits of your life with your children. Can you imagine that?

I truly believe that there is nothing more magical and heartwarming than walking into a house filled with beautiful memories adorning the walls and gracing your tables. There's over 30 nails in the walls of my own home and a whole smattering of 4x6 albums, printed albums, and a wedding album. It makes me smile looking at my own photographs in my home and I dearly advocate for printing the art you make yourself, or receive from your photographer. Please...print your photos!

And since we live in the modern age with many ways to print your photographs, it can be overwhelming looking at digital galleries and picking photos to print through a shopping cart without understanding what's what so I'm going to walk you through what I currently offer from my print lab! These will most likely evolve over time as I fine-tune and determine which products best fit my business but for now, here is a basic rundown of the print mediums I offer a la carte to make your life easier when ordering through my gallery site. :)

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Gallery Wrap Canvases

Gallery wrap canvases, staples in most homes these days! The gallery wraps I offer are hand-crafted canvases stretched across poplar frames. They have 1 1/2” in. depth, and have laminate coating that protects from scuffs, scratches, cracking, UV lights - these canvases will make your house feel more like a home and last you for many years (roughly 75-100 years to be exact). They come ready to hang with sawtooth hangers, corner bumpers and black paper backing.

Standouts (mounted prints)

This can be confusing if you've never heard of "mounted prints" or "standouts" before. Basically this type of wall art is a photographic print mounted onto a substrate, and in this case, it's mounted onto a lightweight foam board - called a "standout". These come ready to hang with holes in the back and they are much lighter than a gallery wrap. You will need to be more careful with these as they literally do mean a photograph fused onto a board - meaning while they last just as long as canvases in terms of longevity, they can be easier to scratch up if you're not cautious about maintaining the surface.

All the Prints!

All prints ordered from DVP are deep matte archival prints, printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Paper. They have a longevity of 75-100 years and are of the highest archival quality.

I love deep matte prints, I was smitten with them instantly as I reviewed print surfaces and consciously chose them over other print surfaces available. It was exactly the type of product I wanted to offer my clients. I love the non-reflective aspect of these deep matte prints (anyone else not a fan of the glossy print?), they are buttery soft to the touch, and effortlessly timeless.



If you're planning to put prints on the wall, the best thing to do is to go 8x10 or higher. The larger the print, the larger the impact on your wall space. The largest item in this image below is the standout (16x20), then it gets smaller at 11x14, 8x10, 4x6.