Chris and Sarah - Richmond VA Maternity Session

This Forest Hill Park maternity session with Chris and Sarah was ahhh-mazeballs. Can't believe how lucky we were, getting 60 degree weather at the end of November!

I've known Chris for quite a few years now. He's one of Michael's childhood friends (and groomsman at our wedding) and I've known Sarah since they started dating way back when. Now they're having a little baby boy in February and I couldn't be more excited for them! Sarah chose the Forest Hill Park location. I'm from out of town so I was both nervous and excited to shoot in a beautiful location I've never seen in person (totally geeked out online looking at photos of it though). I got to the park a little early and walked around with Michael for a little bit to scope things out. I kind of enjoy going in cold to a new location and shooting a session - I think it brings out more creativity in me and exploration.

And let's talk outfits for a second - loved Sarah's outfit choices for her and Chris!! They were perfection with the fall/winter colors and really popped against the background. I'm also super grateful the weather was nice enough that I was able to get Sarah to model my new forest green maternity dress at the very end of the session. It's a convertible maxi made of deliciously soft jersey and I think I'm going to offer that as a wardrobe option for my future maternity clients!

Without further rambling, take a look!!