Jen, Matt, and Colin In-Home Lifestyle Session

I loved every second with Jen, Matt, and little Colin. During my time with them, what echoed with me the most was what they said about how life changed for them with Colin's early arrival. A lot of things (obviously) just flew out the window with him arriving 2 months earlier than planned and Jen and Matt have had quite a whirlwind few months (including traveling from TN back home in VA with a newborn!) But amidst the craziness of caring for their darling preemie, they told me that they simply love and enjoy every second with Colin. My heart just melted hearing them talk about him and how they wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Also can we talk for a sec about how chill Colin was the entire time? Seriously, this little dude either stared at me with those blue steely eyes of hims or he was out cold. The only peep I heard from him was brief at best when we changed him while he was asleep but honestly, who wouldn't complain about that? 

Denise McMahonComment