Seattle Part 1 - October 2017

Seattle absolutely STOLE my heart with its autumn foliage. The whole Pacific Northwest did, if I'm honest. I don't know if I could ever live in Seattle itself (hello gloomy, wet, and overcast) but I sure loved their vibrant, colorful fall season. I think we managed to explore the whole city in the span of a week, with a lot of walking. We also drank our fill of GOOD coffee and ate at quite a few delicious places but that's another post for another day because food deserves its own haha. 

Day 2

  • Chihuly Garden and Glass - I loved it so much in there. It's so incredible how visionary Dale Chihuly is with blown glass. Fun fact, I know someone who used to babysit his son!
  • Pike's Place - crowded at all hours. Also slightly overwhelming but I forgot about it once I saw the dahlias (I really love them)
  • Post Alley and the Bubblegum wall - just ew

Day 3

  • Snoqualmie Falls - what a dramatic, foggy scene! haha the deep green trees tinged with yellowing leaves made my little heart so happy.
  • Fremont Troll - how trolly...haha also anyone else watch the newest season of Once? And notice how that troll doesn't quite look accurately placed?
  • Gasworks Park - coolest industrial-looking park with a great ground view of the Seattle cityline.
  • Kerry Park - Took my breath away. It was one of my favorite views by far. It was so amazing to me.

Day 4

  • Sky View Observatory at Columbia Tower - 73 stories high in the sky with a 360 view! 
  • Seattle Sounders game - the most laudable, impressive 12th man I've ever seen.

Day 5

  • Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC - we spontaneously hopped onto the clipper and headed to Canada for the day. I'm so glad we did because I found my new favorite botanical garden. I especially love, love, LOVED their Japanese garden and the dahlia garden. I gawked so much that Michael had a blast poking fun at me for it. What a turd :)

Day 6

  • Last full day. We have rooftop access from our AirBnB and a beautiful view of the Space Needle so we caught a sunrise and a sunset. Both breathtaking in their own ways.
  • Glad we left the Space Needle to do on the last day. It was the clearest day of them all and we finally saw the elusive Mt Rainer too