Seattle Part 2 - October 2017

FOOD IS GOOD. FOOD IS LIFE. We walked our way around Seattle exploring by foot and ate our way through the city as we did it. It was divine, savory, and so so sweet. Commentary provided of notable parts and my top 3 selected.

  • Starbucks Roastery - Michael got this $10 hipster Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sulawesi coffee...and it was so well made and smooth tasting that even I liked it, whiskey aged and all.
  • Kizuki - pretty good ramen shop with Toyko-style noodles
  • Brewlab - Michael really enjoyed the beers here!
  • Biscuit Bitch - DELICIOUS buscuits 
  • Storyville Coffee Co - the coffee's good and I love that they are a company with a mission to end human trafficking but fair warning, it's ~$14-16 for just 8 oz. 
  • Lady Yum - macaron, macaron, macaron, MACARON! I love them and these were very very good! P.s. did you know I can make them (ish)?
  • (2nd place) Din Tai Fung @ Pacific Place - they're known for their soup dumplings (and yes, they're good) but I might've enjoyed the other dishes we got more than them (shh!). The shrimp fried noodles were my FAVE. 
  • General Porpoise - filled doughnuts I've decided are not my favorites
  • Sweet Iron - we popped by after grabbing GP(^). Glad I did because these waffles were yummy!
  • Ivar's Acres of Clams - when in Seattle, you must at least try a clam chowder :) everything else was eh?
  • (1st place) Wild Ginger - IF YOU HAVE NOT GONE, YOU MUST ADD TO YOUR LIST. My favorites: seven flavor beef, lobster & prawn dumpling soup, fragrant duck. And as an FYI, go with at least a group of 4 since this is a family-style fine dining experience. It's 100% worth the $.
  • (3rd place) Molly Moon's - mmm, fresh homemade ice cream with locally sourced ingredients. Nuff said.
  • La Fontana Siciliana - cozy little romantic Italian restaurant that welcomed weary, travel-worn tourists in their travel clothes. Delightfully good Italian food to go alongside the charm!
  • Caffe Vita - toss up between this and Stumptown for which beans I liked more
  • Taqueria Cantina - randomly chosen for lunch after going up the space needle - pretty tasty mexican food (though nothing super special).
  • Stumptown - I must've liked Stumptown more because I bought 2 bags for myself