Happy Father's Day

Dads out there. You are totally just as important as my mamas out there and I don't know what your lovely wives and kiddos would do without you! Since we don't have children yet, I can't *quite* say I know what I'm saying (so I am putting myself on a slight limb with this) but from my outside point-of-view, I think that being the dad is just as hard as being a mom, maybe in different ways, but equally tough. You might not be the one with the boobs (yes I said boobs) or the "golden milk" but your presence, support, help around the house and EVERYTHING ELSE that helps keep the house running while still being equally sleep-deprived is not lost on me. I see the way your littles stare at you in adoration and how their eyes light up when they see you. 

To Matt B, Andrew, William, Arya, Jason, Mike, JC, Matt D, and Chris...I see how much love you all have for your beautiful families. It is so special and as I said in my last post to my dear mamas, all the hard work, thought, and care you put into being not just a parent, but a dad, humbles me. 

To my own dad and father-in-law, I love both of you so very much.

Happy Father's Day.

Denise McMahonComment