Sherman Family - Loudoun County Fair

When I think of summer and family fun, I imagine the fun and excitement of fairs and carnivals. It means a bit of nostalgia, hot and humid nights, slurping a slurpee or ice cream, riding a ferris wheel, and laughing with my family. When the big rides and fun games seem so wondrous and you fall asleep riding home happily exhausted. We all love, and need solid family portraits. Wholeheartedly believe that. I also believe that THESE little adventures...these are moments worthy of capturing too. It's the littlest peek into your life, in action, as a family. They're important too. 

These guys met me for a romp through the Loudoun County Fair in all its county fair glory. Dad told me right off the bat that he was more of a city boy than a country boy. But fear not, we got him to enjoy some of the fun too - the birds really loved him! hehe

Sebastian and William are twins and they were so much energy once their grogginess wore off from the car ride. We fed all the animals (one goat even jumped onto the fence and demanded to be fed), ran through the bouncy house (even me!), and watched some souped-up lawn mower racing (I didn't know such a thing existed), shared some shaved ice together, and visited the bird room to feed the birdies. And partial jk about feeding the animals. I think William more so enjoyed dumping the carrots from his cups into the pens so we had to take the cup away and give him pieces of carrots to feed instead haha!

I had a great time just following along while we all explored the fair together. Just a slight bummer the carnival portion was closed while we were there - if only we could've gotten on some rides too. I'm not too bummed (so many fun moments photographed so my heart was happy!), though not sure I could say the same for the twins! ;)

Denise McMahonComment