Butterbee Farm Engagement - Diana and Walt

Hello y’all. It’s been a few since I last blogged eh? Between travelling to Italy at the end of August and MY SISTER GETTING BOTH ENGAGED AND MARRIED recently, well let’s just say it’s been a whirlwind of life since August.

First things first, in case you didn’t know, I’m offering mini sessions on Sunday October 21 in the morning and evening time frame. $175 for a 20-min session and 10 digital images to keep. Contact me to get more info on time slots still available - hello @ denisevan . com or shoot me a Facebook message.

Now onto Diana and Walt’s engagement session, which I, you know, as the sister, get first dibs and it was everything I could’ve wanted for Diana (and myself, if I’m being honest). haha just give me a few to tell you why. We toyed very briefly with the idea of heading up to Longwood Gardens in PA for the shoot because Walt and Diana have a lot of fond memories there, it’s her most favorite botanical garden, and it was dahlia weekend (I die for dahlias). However, the long trek didn’t appeal to any of us so we quickly scrapped that idea and looked to Butterbee Farm instead, which happened to be maybe 10 minutes away from Walt and Diana’s first home together. Diana had only recently stumbled upon it a month ago, thanks to this dandy thing called Instagram. Thankfully they were free on the day we needed AND it didn’t rain on us while we were there. Luck or fate, you tell me! In any case, it was the most beautiful, beautiful farm, cared for so lovingly by Laura Beth and her husband Jascha. And guess what, DAHLIAS GALORE! And cosmos and a corn field. I spent just as much time geeking out over all the wonderful nature we were surrounded by as I did photographing Diana and Walt haha

I love these two humans a lot. Diana’s my older sister and Walt’s essentially my older brother now (hehe). I got to watch them “grow up together” and for the past 13 years, they have been one of the best couples I’ve had to look up to. Their relationship has always been rock solid and when I was younger, before Michael came along, they were a symbol of hope for me, that I would find my person one day and that I should never settle for nothing but the right person. The love for each other is SO evident and Walt makes Diana so happy. They made it so easy for me bring out their love and happiness in these simple little frames. Now they see a little bit of how I see them :)

Love you guys! <3