Italy Part I - Naples and Pompeii

Ah Italy, I am finally dusting off the memories that have been soaking in for the past 4 months. I am sorry not sorry for possibly inundating you with imagery overload. I warn you now, brace your fingers for a lot of scrolling.

Before you start, you should understand that besides our length of stay in cities, accommodations, train fares, and a few key tours, we literally planned NOTHING. OUT. Usually I have things planned out pretty well and have scoped out the sights, foods, and everything I want to see ahead of time already. This trip? We simply brought Rick Steve’s Italy guidebook (2018) with us. Mind blown? Yeah mine too. I was a bit anxious about traveling this way but it ended up being one of the best things in the world and I REALLY enjoyed not having a “schedule” to fulfill.

Itinerary (Aug 24 - Sept 7, 2018): Naples -> Amalfi Coast (Agerola-San Lazarro) -> Florence -> Cinque Terre -> Venice -> Rome

We flew in through Rome (after being delayed quite a bit at IAD - thank you unknown mechanical issues) and were crazy enough to hop onto the train and start our adventure in Naples. Granted due to the delay, we lost a good half day (ugh!). Add in the travel grunge and grogginess, and you have our first evening in Naples. We managed to find our way successfully to our Naples AirBnB (major win here, guys). There’s a beautiful view of the city from this apartment too since it sits near the middle of the “Stairs of Naples”. After passing out for a few hours, we ventured down into the city proper to forage for food. PASTA. Unfortunately we got suckered into one of those restaurants that hawks for patronage. Alas! It was still a very solid first meal and satisfactory enough for two weary travelers. Then we meandered our way back to the apartment and after showering (omg it was so amazing to be clean again) and determining what we were going to do in Naples (going to Pompeii instead haha), we promptly passed out again.

Day two, we figured out how to get back down the funicular (cable tram), and onto the *right* Circumvesuviana line to get to Pompeii. Woo hoo! Pompeii was just…out of this world. And since it was built eons ago, it might as well have been another world. So amazing! I’ll be honest, I was not expecting to feel awed much by Pompeii (“just another set of ruins”) but when we arrived and I first saw the sheer size of it, HOLY MOLY haha. Needless to say, we spent the majority of our day there just wandering around, poking our heads wherever we were allowed. It was an incredibly humbling and fascinating experience and y’all, THEY HAD DICE BACK THEN. Like ages ago, DICE. Poorly engineered dice but still. The realization that the dice has been around since 6th/7th BC sent me into an awed tizzy. Pompeii, you cool, I approve. We also explored Naples a bit more this time at night. Everyone was out in full force watching the Napoli-Milan game. It was fun being in a country that appreciates and loves football.

Now that you’ve labored through my ramblings…shall I take you through our first day and a half of Naples and Pompeii via pikturs?

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