Part III - Firenze + Siena, Italy

FIRENZE! What a beautiful city. It ended up being one of our favorite Italian cities, especially because we got to explore and experience it with Michael’s cousin who lives there. This city is going to be a two-parter. I decided to split out another part of our time in Florence into another blog post (heh heh). That one will be dedicates towards my absolute favorite experiences while we were there. Of course it will be food- and portrait-related. :)

Anyway, we started our first day in Firenze roaming the Boboli Gardens while we waited for Carissa to get off work. We met up south of the Arno River and she guided us towards her favorite restaurant for dinner where we sat, and ate, and drank wine, and talked, like the Italians do. (The pace of life in Italy was everything I needed for 2 weeks.) We meandered our way eventually across the river to the city centre where the night touristy scene was very much alive. I was severely taken aback by the Florence Cathedral (aka the duomo) when we came up to it. I’m not really sure what I was expecting. IDK but a MASSIVELY daunting and overwhelming gothic cathedral was not it, especially at night haha I much preferred the duomo in the daytime and I’m glad we got to see it both ways so I could offer you my opinion ;) We spent a good amount of time roaming all of Florence’s sights for the second day. Of our favorites, the Ponte Vecchio, San Lorenzo mercato (for the food market, I absolutely disliked the hawkers a lot lol), the duomo!

SIENA! On our last full day, we braved the unreliable bus system to go to the Siena. I say unreliable with experience here. We waited MUCH longer than anticipated thinking we somehow missed our bus or were at the wrong stop but turns out the bus was just reaaaaally late. Phew. The Siena was so beautiful. That church might’ve been one of my favorites we saw in Italy. It was magnificent! And I don’t remember what tour we got for the Siena duomo but whatever it was included the most incredible 360 panorama of the Siena…just wow.

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