Teresa, Jason, Emma Family/Maternity Session

You might remember these guys from their Christmas session a few years ago. Well they’re back in my life for another session to commemorate the arrival of a new addition to their sweet little family. And even more fun news, Emma officially became a big sister last week! Congratulations to the G Family and for little Jay saying “hello world”. <3 Oh you might remember this location from last December with another family too (I’m becoming well-acquainted with the Brookside Japanese Gardens hahaha). Teresa specifically wanted Brookside to spark her childhood memories. Her parents brought her here a lot when she was a child and it was extra special for her to be able to share this world with her husband and baby girl in it now and have it photographed to keep forever.

We took these portraits back in mid-May pretty much in the middle of the day by the time we started and I thought it was seriously hot already! LITTLE DID I KNOW that it was just a taste of this summer’s heat intensity. Today and yesterday were both in the 100s or so? As someone mid-pregnancy, I have been actively avoiding setting foot outside for too long. I was supposed to walk/jog a nighttime 5k yesterday but the race got cancelled :D I would’ve done it (heck yes to halfway point misting stations and being hosed off by firemen at the finish line) but I suppose it was probably for the best to avoid that situation overall. In any case, I’m so glad they booked me for a session while they were in town for a wedding and that we were able to sync up for it! Also it was amazing having grandma and grandpa tag along to help get Emma’s attention occasionally (she is the kinda toddler who is NOT impressed with the camera haha). They also were wonderful and watched her while mommy and daddy snuck off with me for some solo portraits. Troopers I tell you!

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