Liz and Kainoa Maternity Session


Oh my, I’m just realizing I’m still 2 cities away from finishing my Italy series! There’s still Venice and Rome to share! *covers eyes* I’m impressed I even got 3 entries blogged from the time we found out we were pregnant (April 7) till now!

So very long story short - Liz and I went to UMBC together and we graduated in 09 (go ahead and do the math). I think we actually met in the gameroom where we were lady pool hustlers together back in our days though I’m pretty sure she was way better than I was, especially since she kept playing outside of college! I still love billiards to this day but frankly I’m way rusty hahaha Liz contacted me almost 6 years ago for their engagement shoot and they’re one of the FIRST who wanted to book me for a session. It was long before I officially started my business when I was just dreaming of doing photography. They believed in me and for that, I am forever grateful.

And SO happy to see them again back on the east coast as they get ready to welcome their new baby boy VERY SOON! They are so completely into one another that I definitely felt like I was merely just there peering in at their love for one another and their babe. It was so special to witness them together again in front of my camera. I will treasure this for a long time to come!

Liz and Kainoa - I wish you both the happiest anniversary this coming weekend and I cannot wait for you to welcome your baby boy into your lives later this month. Sending you all my love!

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