Even Super Heroes have Big Sisters

I have been photographing this family since big sister was born and I love every minute I spend with them. It was so easy to crack open their door quietly, say hello and get smiles from everyone, because I already know them all and they're familiar with meee. It was my first time meeting little E though, and he was just the cutest. Big E was in and out and up and down and basically like every 2 year old I've ever met who's at home. Little E was already experiencing FOMO as the second child since he refused to nap for us and just wanted to stay up the whole session hehehe (as the second child, I totally feel you, E, no judgment here lol). Anyway, both of them (and big fur sister Tillie) were just the best to me and I really enjoyed how easy they all made this session, even including the toddler opinions and no-nap babies ha! As always, we absolutely have to shout out the MVP for being there behind the scenes. Of course I had to include Auntie Carmen in some shots too (she might not know I did hehe). Thank you Carmen for being you!

Oftentimes, clients who book a newborn shoot with me tell me, "I don't know what to expect!". In return, I tell them (and honestly this is what I tell all clients lol), "we go with the flow and we keep the kid(s)/pet(s)/partner(s) happy!" I don't expect your house to be anything but what it is to YOU, which is your home. It's very okay for your home to look well-lived in, because it is and it tells your story. That's what I'm there for, after all :) I also tell clients not to dress their babies in outfits until I arrive. Mostly it's logical to give the little guy/gal the best chance of a clean outfit as much as possible (lol) but it also gives me a chance to catch everyone at ease and in the getting ready stage and to let any older littles get comfortable with me first. And for the record, I truly do only expect you to relax and keep your littles cuddly and happy. I don't expect your kids, no matter what age they are, to do anything but act their age. As long as you allow me to manage my own connections with your littles and don't expect perfect behavior for perfect photos (because where's the fun in that? ;-) ), I will make sure they (and therefore you hehe) have a fun time!

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