Black Sand Designs - A Brand Story

This session with Irene of Black Sand Designs was SO. MUCH. FUN. It took a few months in the making, between consultations, mood boards, focus boards, studio rental vs her personal studio considerations, and nailing down the ideas, goals and breakdown of photos and a lot of hard work went into dreaming up this brand story, from both Irene and myself both. We worked together to bring it to life and I am so excited to share them all with you now!

What was most important to Irene was the story of the person behind the brand and the jewelry. Who she is, whether she's sketching out designs, packaging jewelry, or in the studio itself creating. She wanted you to meet and know the face behind the brand, the hands that make each and every piece of jewelry you see on her website and social media feeds.

So guys, please meet Irene. I hope you can feel the fun, easygoing, and energetic mood this amazing woman exudes wherever she goes, whatever she does. I hope you can sense the deep expertise and knowledge she has to create the perfect piece of jewelry for you, and trust that her work is stellar and exquisitely, perfectly made.

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