Would that we could have had better weather for Chrissy and Manny's family session at Burnside Farms back in April! But we didn't and the two youngest really wanted nothing to do with the mud, the wind chill and the cloudy day. They lasted maybe 15-20 minutes before they determined the session was done for them *insert upside-down smile*. Weather like that makes me really grateful that my clients were extremely understanding that there's not much we can do at that point besides do what we can with what we have! And make magic still :)

"Denise does beautiful work and is a true artist! We love the tulip field photos that she took of our family. It was awful weather at the time of our session, but nonetheless she worked fast and made the best out of a difficult situation. Thank you so much, Denise!" --Chrissy

It also makes me realize that we photographers are not "just photographers". A lot of us are (or have gotten) extremely good at "reading the room" when it comes to what we do as photographers. Whether it's gauging the limits of the youngest in the family session, juggling family dynamics gracefully during weddings, or bringing out the authentic "you" smile for a headshot, we are not just photographers. We are observers. We are communicators. We try to be as in tune with you as possible so we can catch that spark of what makes you, your family, your life exactly who you are.

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