Elope with me...

Nicole reached out to me about doing a short elopement and adding a family session into one shoot and with two very young ones, she only wanted one hour to do both. Now I don't actually have a package available for that as my elopement package specifies 2 hours but I was happy to work out a custom quote for her. I'm always happy to try to work out what I can (within reason of course) with your unique situations, when your needs differ from the packages I offer. We're not cookie cutters and I get that. I just really need as much information as possible and like to have a brief consult with you via the phone, zoom, etc first so I can provide the best quote for you. It helps to have a full picture of your needs so I can pivot accordingly. And pivot we did because Nicole and Mike wanted to get married asap so they could prepare for a move to the UK in the next month or so. Talk about whirlwind!

The civil ceremony itself was very short and sweet, and also really lovely, since their little girls got to witness this moment happen. They were nestled in their parents arms for the whole ceremony. We weren't blessed with the best of weather (it's usually touch-or-go in late March) and unfortunately it wasn't quite in our favor with a chilly wind and overcast sky, though the wind does help make images appear so breathtakingly movement-filled (which I love). We made the very best of it anyway because evidently three-fourths of this little family are not phased by the cold, Mike and their babies (like, what? I want thick skin like that). We meandered throughout the gardens (re: movement works best for toddlers with lots of energy and a bit of stranger danger lol) and eventually found ourselves making our way back to where we began, to throw rocks this time instead of to get married. I thought it was a poetic way to end the shoot. hehehe

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