Dearest Friends, Dearest Clients

I've watched Lucy and Tommy date throughout college, get married and become parents of one, and now, of two amazing littles. They've watched me hobby around with my camera for a long time (I still remember being so excited to photograph Lucy's engagement ring for fun haha!) and then supported me as a photographer and artist once I turned it into a real business. From maternity photos for their first babe, and then their portraits as a family of three, to now this year, as a family of four, it's been such an honor that Lucy & Tommy have stuck with me for this long, both as friends and as my clients. hahaha I love them dearly as genuinely good-hearted and giving friends. I also love all of the fun moments, giggles, and laughter I got to capture of them last Sunday. I hope you do too <3

Lucy asked me which ONE is my favorite from this session and I like love/hate that she asked me. In any case, these are some of my most favorite moments. SORRY LUCY I CAN'T PICK JUST ONE :)

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