If It's Meant to Be, It's Meant to Be

It didn't go the way they originally planned but it all ended up going exactly the way it needed to.

Getting married at Meadowlark was not Melissa and Connor's plan. They were supposed to be wed under a big oak tree at a civil servant's home in October and Meadowlark was just one of the random locations I threw out to them for outdoor portraits after the ceremony. But the ceremony location/officiant fell through A MONTH AWAY from their date and amazingly, Meadowlark had a time slot available for a mid-morning wedding, in October to boot! And then all week long, it was supposed to rain on their wedding day (we were all watching the weather like it was a riveting tv drama). But we ended up with the most beautiful overcast sky and the hint of a cool breeze, which was honestly so so serendipitous for us since we were shooting during mid-morning hours (harsh sun and all). And a family member came down with a bad ear infection the week of so it was touch and go for a bit in terms of whether her sister would make it! But she did and everyone they loved were able to make it to this beautifully intimate wedding <3

Melissa and Connor...what can I say. I love your love. I have now relived your wedding countless times and I have fallen more in love with your day each time I touch your photos. Your infectious smiles and twinkling eyes make me smile. I can see how much love you have for each other and how utterly deep it runs. I love how you got married exactly how you wanted to celebrate your love. Quietly but deeply, with eyes for only one another. Because all you need is each other. Surrounded and loved by not just your families present but by all those who helped make your wedding day meaningful too. Thank you for trusting me to capture this important part of your love story.