Life as a Family of 4

My goodness, this family has grown since they were last in front of my camera. It is so fun watching families grow and seeing how newborn life as new parents for the first time changes in a slightly more rambunctious way of newborn life with young sibling(s). Maybe it's because I only have one kiddo but watching parents do their thing with more than 1 child (and one being a newborn no less) just amazes me because it sure is not easy juggling the needs of very different tiny humans. These two parents are no exception though and I feel like they were so comfortable and in tune with each other. They seamlessly transitioned from room to room and switched on and off with the kiddos like seasoned pros. They have so much love for each other and for their kiddos. I really enjoyed chatting with them about parenthood and how different/similar their two kids are to one another. Seriously though, the first thing I said when I saw them was how strikingly baby T looks like his big bro when he was a baby!

Also seeing other families with littles a bit older than Wes boggles my mind. Like "oh man, he's going to be that tall that soon?!" or "he's going to have that much energy too?" I swear, all the three and 4 year old kids I have ever met and know have tons of energy and I'm not sure I'm ready for it hahaha

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