A Baby Bump at the Kennedy Center

My previous weekend shooting was all about changes in location and weather cooperation. Heidi and I originally intended to shoot closer to her home in Alexandria VA but the weather changed our minds. We were tossing around alternative locations in case we were getting rained out on Sunday and I threw out Kennedy Center and that one stuck like glue. To the point that even though the weather cleared up magnificently, we still opted for the Kennedy. Why? Because well, first it's a freaking fantastic location that does not require a permit last minute and second, that's where they went for Heidi's birthday the first time they celebrated it together as a couple and where countless other dates were. If I remember right, the first show they saw together was The Lion King! And in case you aren't familiar with Heidi already, she is my big sister from our sorority, Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies. So yes, I am INCREDIBLY overjoyed to capture this time for her and James and personally super excited for baby W to arrive. And I am sooooooo happy to share these with you.

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