Returning from Maternity Leave

Where the hell did you disappear to, Denise??

“Sorry I had a baby. Taking care of it full-time is…a full-time thing….more on this later?”

Oh, okay. Cool, cool, cool, cool. Are you back??

“Yes! Woo hoo right?!”

Are you doing sessions?

“Yes! I’m available for outdoor & weekend time slots only at this time. My little guy is exclusively breastfed (aka he refuses bottles, sigh) so I have limited time available, y’all. And time is precious, even more so nowadays. Also! Locations must be within 10 mile radius of 20190. Fear not, there are many wonderful locations around me and as you can see below, I can make magic anywhere.”

I love your photos and want to book! What’s your rate and all that stuff?!

“LOVE YOUR EXCITEMENT. I’M EXCITED TOO. Pricing is up to date here -> clickity-click-click. As always, I’m here if you have any questions, concerns or just want to gush to me in excitement. Here for all of it.”

Okay, end crazy conversation with myself/pretend client. This session below was so much fun! Low-key, easy-going parents who absolutely love their kiddo. Their very serious, poker face kiddo. Trust me when I tell you that we all worked HARD to get this little one to smile and laugh for us lol

So Ollie is actually Wesley’s [only] playmate! I know, W actually made a friend during COVID *cue the waterworks* But seriously, it’s so much fun watching them interact with each other. Ollie is the serious-face, observant guy and Wesley is the outgoing chatterbox. It’s great. Monica and Dylan are such amazing parents too. I’ve loved getting to know Monica and am so darn grateful to have a real momma friend close to home. I hope you enjoy this little lifestyle session of theirs. We shot the majority of it right in front of their house and along the trail. Bet you’d have never been able to guess that!