Quinceañera Portraits + Morven Park = A Stunning Combo

Oh my word, this session was one for the books. I did not know I needed a shoot like this until it came into my world. Who in the world would've thought I would one day be shooting the sweetest sweetheart of a young lady in her beautiful Quinceañera ballgown? I'm mostly unfamiliar with Quinceañeras in general (besides knowing that it marks a young woman's transition to adulthood when she turns 15).

Also let me tell you something, this girl's mama gets MVP of the Year for going the extra mile to make her daughter feel so special for her big Quinceañera celebration. From first reaching out to me, to finding a date that worked for not only our schedules but also hair and makeup (when everyone else is also booking HMUA for special occasions!), to stumbling upon the perfect location, everything literally had to fall into place to make this shoot happen just exactly the way it did. I suppose it was only fitting that because everything fell into place so well that it also was a blustery-ish cold, cloudy afternoon instead of the spring-like weather we had just a few days ago lol anyway, I'm absolutely not complaining. The sun even graced us with its presence one or two times and I was so happy it showed up even briefly!

I really loved shooting Val and chatting with her mom and her as we roamed around Morven Park (such a gorgeous venue). I'll be honest, I don't get to interact with high schoolers much because I don't shoot seniors and the like often but it was really fun and refreshing to meet her and capture the joy that only a teenager full of energy and excitement for life can exude. I hope I get to meet more teenagers in front of my camera in the years to come. <3

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