Where Life with Two Equals Constant Movement

The thing that I've noticed when you go from one child to children (or maybe you started with two?!), is that the still and quiet moments are few and far between now. With more children, life feels a bit more chaotic, the energy is more constant, no one stays still even if you might want them to (lol) and yet you know, instead of less love to go around, there's even more to share. It's something I wonder about while we're trying for number 2. I worry about being extended too far with having more than one to focus on at a time. It's already a tad precarious of a balance, doing both this, artwork, raising a child, caring for two cats that don't like each other (yup, still separated), and maintaining a household with Michael. It's a lot and I know in my heart that life would be changed forever in so many ways yet again if/when we bring another life into the family. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this except to say that love truly knows no bounds and there is always room in our hearts for more love.