i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)

This is what I see when I see Chelsea and Kyle together, a quiet, comfortable love that emanates from them, and the feeling of being together no matter how near and far they are from each other. I met Chelsea by chance. She lives in my area and feeds my obsession and love for macarons (she is the owner of Chiboo Bakery) lol and I was so, so so delighted when she asked me to do their portraits for this year.

Chelsea and Kyle told me they are awkward people. Well lucky for them awkward people are my jam (because this is me too, especially due to both postpartum and pandemic isolation hahaha). I'll be honest, I feel as if I'm still relearning how to interact with people and find subjects to talk to them about that's not just all Wesley all the time (lol). I was a supreme extrovert in college but as the years wear on, I find myself becoming more introverted as a whole, but with an ability to "turn the extrovert on" when needed, because human interactions and photographing people fill my cup too, in the most amazing ways. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these and can't tell at all whether they awkward or not hehehe

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