DVP Families Come Prepared for FUN

Guys, meet Andy. He is the amazing father of these two kiddos and an old colleague of mine from my FIRST project in 2009 at big blue (IBM) when I was in the IT consultant world. When his wife, Jenn, contacted me about doing a lifestyle session for them, I was so elated! I hadn't seen Andy and Jenn since my younger IT days and it was so good to catch up with them on a beautiful fall morning and meet their kids! It was such a blast. We flew like airplanes, jumped in the air a lot, looked for snakes, and ate chocolate. How's that for the start of a good day?

Fun Fact: Michael and I both used to attend poker nights (when we could stay up like night owls ha) at Andy's old apartment, even before we started dating. When we did start dating, it was at one of these poker nights that my nickname for Michael came about (pumpkin). Long dorky story short, Andy was making fun of Michael's orange IBM polo that I'd actually purchased for myself a while ago but it was too big for me so I gave it to him (LOL). He called him "pumpkin" and since then, it has stuck around and become my nickname for Michael :D