Sweet Comfortable Love

Something I love about lifestyle newborn sessions are that they do *not* have to happen immediately. If you absolutely want the cuddled, sleepy baby phase, then you might prefer to do it sooner rather than later but Little B here is 3 months old. And he is so dang loved by his parents, who were more awake, confident, and at ease in their new roles as parents. There was the most amazingly easy and comfortable vibe I got, arriving at Steph and George's home. I absolutely fell in love with watching how they love each other and how they are as a unit and as individuals with their little man. I loved hearing about their newborn days and what it's been like for them, growing together and adapting as they go. Accepting the changes that have come to both of them and settling into their new lifestyle. It reminded me a lot of my own journey with Michael and yet, still felt very different. There are so many similarities within the different ways we all grow as parents. Does that sound confusing or does that resonate? It's hard to describe what I mean but, everyone's experience into parenthood is so very different, for mothers and fathers alike. And yet, we all share a common bond and that is that newborn life, becoming parents, raising little one(s), all of it is magical and hard and fascinating and tiring and joyful and anxiety-inducing and awe-inspiring and frustrating, all at the same time...

I digressed a bit but here!! Please, please, please, enjoy browsing through this sweet, sweet gallery filled with love.

p.s. keep going till the end to peek at some really incredible breastfeeding photos. Steph specifically requested an epic breastfeeding photo because it's like "60% of her life these days" and I was incredibly happy to comply. <3

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