Crystal, Owner of Temple Honey Healing

Sometimes life brings you joys in such unexpected ways. Never I would've imagined a sight-unseen booking early in as a new business. It was one of those "a friend of a friend of a friend" situations, who recommended me to Crystal for a spring maternity shoot in 2018- shout out to Meghan + Jess! Fast-forward a few years into 2021, post full vaccination (OMG YAY) and I finally got to see her again for her very own brand shoot. Because y'all, she is a licensed Reiki Master Therapist and she is ready to serve you!!!

I love Crystal, she is one of those clients who turned into a friend. She has such an incredible energy within her personality, and yet she is so, so grounded in her own soul. I also love her amazing empathetic nature. To me, she is one of those humans who you can go years without seeing and you pick back up like no time has passed at all. She is comfort, she is laughter, with a heavy dose of down-to-earth openness, and she is honest to her very core, both to herself and to you. There is no one else I would recommend to hold space for you, to share your feelings with. And I hope you can feel all that emanate from these images I captured of her.

When we consulted about the shoot, visualizing her brand identity, and CLOTHING!, we discussed the option of wearing on-brand colors, a dress, something typical of reiki masters. But when I showed up for the shoot, I found her in...not a dress or wearing "on-brand colors". You'll find her wearing a beautiful blouse, delightful statement earrings, and jeans in the majority of these photos. She told me she thought about it further and realized that she wanted to dress true to herself for the shoot, wearing something she would wear to see a client, because that's real. She wanted her photos to match her as a person, relatable and approachable. And I think she 100% nailed it, being truly "on-brand".

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