"These pictures truly capture the crazy of our life…and I love it!"

Do you only want to pick photos that have you staring and grinning into the camera? Or do you want maybe just one or two of those but mostly you want to laugh fondly and remember what it felt like in that moment being in the present with your loved ones?

When you have a session with me, I will actively encourage you NOT TO LOOK AT ME. That's right, you won't be looking at me much. I know, I know, most of us instinctually look into the camera and it's a hard habit to break. But you know what's even crazier, if you have a session with me and trust me to capture your relationships with each other instead of just with my camera, I bet you will look back at your photos and fall even more in love with what you see and remember. You'll also hopefully be too busy loving on your family to really remember to look at me unless I tell you to hehe

This family invited me into their home and it was such a treat. I loved every second with them (okay except for part where ferocious mosquitoes came after me at the end *sad tear*). Home is where you should feel the most comfortable with your surroundings and I think it immediately relaxes everyone knowing they are home. I am all for sessions on family property. There was even a trampoline. My heart was so happy taking photos of happy children doing what they do best, being kids. Anyway I've probably talked more than enough, enjoy a little peek into this session!

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