Including Grandparents in Your Sessions - 10/10 recommend

My client wanted her parents to join the session and I couldn't have been happier! It was such a delight having not just the puppers along but also the grandparents for their session. It took a bit of cajoling but we caught a true smile from hal-abeoji (grandpa in Korean) during the session and I am super proud of him for sharing his grin with me at least once <3

This little guy did not want to stay still at all and his favorite word is "no", in true two-year-old fashion. hahaha when that happens, I like to keep it reaaaal easy and flow based on how kiddo is feeling. I always try to be super attuned to what the littles do and don't want to do. In the matters of photo sessions, their happiness matters most to me over the parents (sorry guys). Even before I had Wesley, I knew kids do best when they aren't forced to do something they don't want (I mean, which adult wants to be forced too?). Oftentimes, it's not about giving the right guidance. It's shutting up for a sec and having the intuition to know when to snap that shot. And you know, having the right settings in place to catch the moment.

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