Cherish your Family Dynamic

Every family is different and none of you are "cookie cutter". Because of this very notion, I want my clients to "come as you are, I will meet you there."

  • Are your kids raring to go and have energy for days? Yes, okay let's use that.
  • Do you guys love quiet moments and cuddles? Great, snuggle away and let's add in a nose-to-nose kiss, hm?
  • Are you awkward and need direction? Yes, that's cool but don't worry too much about it. You will possibly be too busy playing and laughing with your family to notice whether you're awkward or not.
  • Yes, I will always try to get a shot of you and your partner without the kids. Because you guys deserve to remember yourselves as a couple before s/he/they came along <3

It was actually a slightly more humid day than I'd have liked for a mid-September shoot but honestly, totally not complaining because it was still so lovely in the shade and the setting sun hit just perfectly whenever it came around. Karole and Eric are transplants to the NOVA area and their little one was born last year during the pandemic. Talk about a doozy, right? It's quite something to be raising a little in the middle of a global pandemic but here we all are, doing it. And just look at how darling little K is! She is just the sweetest little lady who loved her parents (and her snacks) very much hehehe she was most happy getting to sit on the ground and pick up sticks to shake furiously. And her little scrunched-nose giggle was the best!!

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