This Chaotic Life

I absolutely love all my clients and I love it a lot when they come back to me again. It's an incredible privilege to get to see how much your kid(s) have grown. Little E here was so little when I met her last year (see this blog post!) but look at her now! Running, talking, giggling, and clapping with that toothy grin of hers. I had so much fun catching up with Nicole, Brian and little E. And super thankful that we had Auntie C with us to wrangle the baby and Tillie (their doggo) so we could sneak a few mom and dad photos in.

It is very true that it's hard to get a baby who's finally learned independence by way of walking to stop walking. There's a lot of redirects and movement and anticipating little moments as they come. It's also a lot of letting them just be themselves and suggesting versus demanding them to do things. This little lady gave me a lot of smiles and laughter but she also gave me a run for my money, like the term "running amok" would be accurate for how much running she did. hahaha Happy Monday friends, I hope you stay nice and warm and out of this frigid wind situation. lol

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