Part I - A Chance Friendship

I may not be an avid yogi as I used to be a few years back but I am still very much thankful for all the relationships it's given me back while I was going to CPY. This is one such relationship I am thankful for. Nicole and I met while I was doing my own yoga teacher training through CPY and I loved going to her classes. I struck up the courage to say something to her after class one day (I know, who am I to just approach someone out of thin air haha) but I am so glad we did because we became friends and have cheered each other on throughout our pregnancy journeys and postpartum. It was nothing short of the highest honor that Nicole wanted me to take their first photos for them as a family of 4, including little miss Tilliebean the pup you see below. I hope you enjoy Part I of this session because I certainly do <3 Stay tuned for part II!