"Baek-Il", a 100-day celebration

Say hello to the baek-il. Baek-il translates to “one hundred days” in Korean, and is a celebration of a baby’s first 100 days of life.

There's a lot of symbolic importance with the items spread upon this table, though honestly I don't think I remember them all (sorry!). I know that the thread ball represents long life and brings good fortune and health for the baby. White rice cakes (baekseolgi) are passed out to the guests and this act of kindness is believed to bring blessings and longevity upon the baby too. Red bean rice cakes and a few other types of rice cakes are also prepared for this auspicious celebration. The wrapped fabric boxes (Bojagi) on the table Heidi wrapped herself! But honestly this whole table decor was pulled together by Heidi herself and I think she did such an amazing job bringing this tablescape to life for W's baek-il!

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