Double Trouble

TWINS!! There are twins in this post and I am so tickled with happiness about it! I'll forever love these two boys because they're my first set of twins in a lifestyle newborn session and they made it so wonderful for me -- by enjoying some noms and then taking a nice loooong nap for me through their session. Okay mostly napped. One of them was wide awake for the beginning part and ironically, Mom and Dad said he's usually the sleepier of the two. And also, these twins' parents were AMAZING with them and so at ease (which definitely comes about a bit easier when you've had a month and a half with them before your session!). When I asked Becca and Paul what it's like having twins, their response was "we've only ever known life with newborn twins". Once they said that, it made perfect sense! They also may have mentioned how nice it was to each get a baby to hold and not having to share just one baby to snuggle, and to that I say, "here, here!" hahaha

I really enjoyed spending the slightly drizzly morning cozied up in their DC home with them, their boys, and their furball Bentley. It was a beautifully low-key and relaxed session for everyone :)