Brookside Gardens Family Session - Lucy, Tommy, and Mason by Denise McMahon


I couldn’t be more thankful for my wonderful clients. Obviously I truly would not be able to do this or be able to grow as I am without your incredible support. I am grateful and always so blown away that you guys love my work so much and that you trust me to capture your lives for you. It is a phenomenal feeling, being able to serve you all in such a creative, beautiful way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Gosh, it feels like just yesterday that I shot Lucy and Tommy’s maternity photos in the comfort of their sweet and welcoming home and we were all waiting patiently for Mason to arrive. And now Mason - I can’t believe you’re almost 2! *cue the crying emoticon*

I was so happy that Lucy reached out for fall family portraits and even happier that the weather was not too frigid just yet and that the clouds were in our favor. We met up at Brookside Gardens and had such a fun time together. For the most part haha! I think there were definitely one or two moments where Mason definitely did not want anything to do with being photographed hahaha There is always a moment (or few) where we experience a brief meltdown when the session includes little ones. Honestly, that’s just a given when it comes to working with little ones - roll with the punches, I say! :)

And in case you all wonder, Mason loved Auntie Denise. He gave me a big hug and kiss at the end - no cajoling needed! My heart melted.

Happy Mother's Day by Denise McMahon

To be honest, being a mom is something that I can't really personally speak of being yet, unless you count furbabies, but it is something I look forward to being one day (and since you might be wondering, no I'm not pregnant :-P ). I've had quite a few sessions photographing mommas since I started my business last year and it makes me feel so freakin' blessed to witness these sweet bonds my mommas have with their child/children. It's part of why I love photographing families so much. I get the briefest glimpse into your lives and I will always love learning from and observing all that I have seen and heard in your interactions, even in our short times together.

To Bria, Danielle, Crystal, Mitra, Teresa, Ashley, Renae, Jen, Sarah...the love I've seen you all give to your families is simply so amazing and all the hard work, thought, and care that you put into being not just a parent, but a mom, humbles me at the same time. 

To my own mom and mother-in-law, I love both of you so very much.

Happy Mother's Day.

p.s. Don't worry dads, I think y'all are pretty amazing too. I got you next month.