Crystal, WIlliam and Javier Family Maternity Session by Denise McMahon

This family simply exuded this depth-less love for one another and I adore it so much! Their interactions with one another were so full of life and I edited through their images with the happiest smile on my face. These feelings give me so much joy and this is absolutely part of why I have such a love for photography. 

Crystal reached out a few weeks ago saying 1. she was due in 8 weeks with her second, and 2. she and her husband, William, never got baby bump photos with Javier. So I immediately realized we needed to hop to it asap and that we needed to rectify the no-bump-photos! She was just the loveliest person to chat with and she was even lovelier in person - her husband and Javi were as well! We met up on this beautiful Sunday morning in Savage MD and in Crystal's words, we "rallied together" for an hour strolling around leisurely (it was slightly chilly out). 

Javi was the cutest little "mama bear" over his mommy (William got in trouble a few times for being too close to mommy hahaha!) and Crystal - you are absolutely beautiful with your bump, inside and out! I am so happy you wanted me to chronicle this time in your life for you and your family <3

I hope you enjoy scrolling through these photos and that they bring some light into your day!

Happy Mother's Day by Denise McMahon

To be honest, being a mom is something that I can't really personally speak of being yet, unless you count furbabies, but it is something I look forward to being one day (and since you might be wondering, no I'm not pregnant :-P ). I've had quite a few sessions photographing mommas since I started my business last year and it makes me feel so freakin' blessed to witness these sweet bonds my mommas have with their child/children. It's part of why I love photographing families so much. I get the briefest glimpse into your lives and I will always love learning from and observing all that I have seen and heard in your interactions, even in our short times together.

To Bria, Danielle, Crystal, Mitra, Teresa, Ashley, Renae, Jen, Sarah...the love I've seen you all give to your families is simply so amazing and all the hard work, thought, and care that you put into being not just a parent, but a mom, humbles me at the same time. 

To my own mom and mother-in-law, I love both of you so very much.

Happy Mother's Day.

p.s. Don't worry dads, I think y'all are pretty amazing too. I got you next month.